The Ultimate Frisbee Team42

Team42 Allstar Ultimate Frisbee Team

Although this Team from Dreieich, Germany, has an average player age of about 35, they compete in the Open division, and after having won their 5th national title at German Championships in '96 (they also won in '84, '89, '91 and '93), they look stronger than ever. They finished 16th respectively 17th at the last two WUCC in Street, GB and Madison, WI.
Time will tell if they will still be playing when they reach the ultimate age of 42. Team tactics often include falling behind by a lot of points to let the opponent's team have a good time before taking them apart, occasionally failing due to running out of time or apple wine, their favorite drink. The Team's name derives from Douglas Adams' novel "The Hitchhiker's guide through the Galaxy", in which the answer to the Ultimate question about Life, the Universe and Everything is calculated to be 42. Players can be easily recognized as they wear the Team's name on their back - no, it's not a number. Talk to them, or better, invite them for a drink.